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- Above All Aviation is now a full Maintenance Service Provider: See our Maintenance Services Information page

- Only Multi-engine training and rental on the field! Check it out!

- Above All Aviation was named one of the Top 50 Flight Schools by AOPA!

- Above All offers the only FAA approved Airplane Scenic Tour in Santa Barbara...for only $259! That is a savings of hundreds of dollars over local helicopter tours! Check out our Services page for details

- Check out Photos of our

New Student Solos!


Recently Licensed Pilots!

- Check out all the awesome things we do at Above All on our Fun Photos page!

- Feel like a pilot? Dress like one too! Check out our new line of Above All apparel!

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C-152 N4717L
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C-172 N7593X
C-182 N411BP

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Welcome to Above All Aviation!

"Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return." – Leonardo Da Vinci

DaVinci’s quote captures the essence of what flying does to the soul of a pilot, and it reflects the vision of Above All Aviation. At Above All we are passionate about exposing people to flight in a way that forever enhances their lives and enriches their souls.

What makes Above All Aviation the top flight school in Santa Barbara?

We're so glad you asked!

- Since opening our doors in January 2010 Above All Aviation Flight School has helped more people reach their dreams of flight than any other local flight school.

- We are the only flight school in Santa Barbara that uses a FAA certified repair station for the maintenance of our fleet!

- Our full-time instructors work together to help all customers - saving you time and money.

- We are and always will be vigilant in promoting aviation, because we know this: our involvement in a pilot’s training may be brief, but the results will last a lifetime. This involvement is a serious responsibility, and we embrace it. We challenge ourselves to continuously improve the products and services that we provide while conducting ourselves with professionalism, so that we reflect positively on our fellow aviators and the communities in which we live.

- We treat all customers like family at Above All. One of the key motivations of our flight school is creating a better general aviation community.

- Our door is always open. Feel free to come in and join us a for a chat or free snack!


At Above All you can become a Private Pilot for $6700.00!

That's correct, just $6700.00.* By using the Cessna 152 and becoming a club member**, Above All Aviation can help you obtain your Private Pilots License at a significant savings over other local Flight Schools.*** See the breakdown of prices here.

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