Certificated pilots are welcome to rent our aircraft for their personal use. To ensure the safety of pilots, their family and friends, and our aircraft, Above All Aviation requires check-outs in rental aircraft prior to rental. Check-outs include a worksheet of POH basics, ground instruction, and a flight with one of our instructors to demonstrate proficiency and understanding of the aircraft. Before departure a rental agreement must be completed by the pilot, a flight plan must be filed, and passenger information will be collected from each passenger.

Rental Aircraft:

Cessna 150  -  N2918S - hourly basis only

Cessna 150 - N50150 - hourly basis only

Cessna 172 - N4637G - hourly basis only

Cessna 172 - N7496X - hourly basis only

Cessna 172 - N9897Q - hourly basis, half-day, multi-day

Beechcraft Sierra - N3824R - hourly basis. half day, multi-day

Beechcraft TravelAir - N5467U - hourly basis, half-day, multi-day

For details on all aircraft, please see this link.