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When you begin flight training at Above All Aviation you enter into a community of aviators that are passionate about flying. You'll find new students hanging out in the office before and after their flight lesson, talking about stall technique and airspace. You'll find former and current commercial airline pilots talking about their most exciting and harrowing flights. You'll find students soloing and passing their check rides on a nearly weekly basis. The excitement and support at Above All Aviation is palpable, but don't take it from us. Read on to hear what our pilots say about Above All.

The best flight school, run by the best people.

“A great flight school. The staff is friendly, helpful, and very knowledgeable. The airplanes are clean and well maintained and the lessons are a great value. I always recommend Above All to anyone if the topic comes up. The best flight school, run by the best people.” - Jack K. / Student Pilot

Safety is their top priority.

“Great flight school with friendly staff. The folks here are great fun, personable, and get you in the air quickly! Safety is their top priority and their planes are well maintained. I recommend even just going and hanging out in the lobby and talking with Bill, Shawn, and the rest of the staff and students that pass by. Good fun.” - Stanley F. / Private Pilot, complex endorsement

They don’t cut corners...and they truly care about their students.

“Our son has been taking lessons here for several months. Everyone at Above All is professional, friendly, and patient. Our first concern is, of course, safety. This is a top notch operation, and they don't cut corners. They take the time to communicate effectively, they don't get in a hurry, and they truly care about their students. Our son has received excellent instruction both in the air and on the ground.” - Genese I. / Parent

Epic stick and rudder.

“ Friendly and knowledge(able) instructors. Epic stick and rudder.” - Joe B. / Private Pilot

The people here are personable and feel like family.

"I love this place. The people here are personable and feel like family. If you ever have a problem it's easy to talk to the owners, they are here almost everyday. My PPL cost me around 7-9k which is not only fair for a pilots license, but when I did my instrument training with ATP they set me up for success. You really can't beat this flight school. It's the best on the field and probably the best on the central coast. Also I heard they have an incredible pass rate, they have instructors that teach because they like teaching, not just to get to the 1500 hour mark to work at the airlines"  - Hannah L. / Commercial Pilot, instrument rated, multi-engine rated, CFI-MEI

Nobody beats Above All Aviation!

"After checking out several other flight schools in the area, nobody beats Above All Aviation! I really like everyone I've encountered there, and after a lesson I will often hang out for a bit, chatting with whomever is in the office. I've never felt rushed, and everyone has been very friendly and professional. Highly recommended!  - Jason C. / Private Pilot

I could not have been successful in my flying career today without all their help and support.

"Above All Aviation has been my family since I walked in the door. I worked with the instructors and the owners on every rating through commercial instrument multi-engine while in college and ended up with a jet rating and a corporate job at age 23. Couldn't have asked for better instruction or equipment and Above All having their own maintenance facility is just the cherry on top. I still time build with their 150 and 152 and rent the Travel Air or Cessna 198 for all my trips, not to mention spend all my free time hanging out in the flight school, just for the company...and maybe some free coffee and food. :) Since I gave them their first dollar in 2010, I have flown higher, faster (pun intended) than I ever thought possible. They offered me the flexibility and availability to fly during school, nights and weekends, and I could not have been as successful in my flying career today without all their help and support. So I would recommend anyone to stop by and check it out. There is always a smiling face at the desk to answer your questions and show you around. Chances are, I will be there too, for no other reason than it is an awesome place to be." - Andrew P. Commercial, instrument, multi-engine pilot. Citation V and X ratings

Highly recommended.

“Awesome group of people. Highly recommended.” - Mark B. / Student Pilot

Their instructors are top notch.

“Above All Aviation is a great place to learn to fly. Their instructors are top notch, their staff are friendly, their aircraft are well maintained, and their prices are fair. I’m very happy with the integrity, value, and quality of instruction at Above All Aviation.” - Arthur R. / Private Pilot

They also went above and beyond to schedule my lesson!

“A great intro to flying, they also went above and beyond to schedule my lesson!” - James H.

That’s right, a flight school that will save you money!

When you join Above All Aviation you are not just gaining flight certificates, you are gaining a family and a new group of friends. Shawn, Bill, Joel, Jessie, Mikey, John, Matt, Ken, Julian, Lucas, Donna, Patrick, Hannah and Juliet all welcome you with open hands. They have hands down what I would call A+ in customer service. They are always finding a way for you to save money, that's right a flight school that will save you money! If you need hours they pair you up with another student that needs hours, they have promos, study groups, constantly working with aviation groups to keep people Informed, a flight simulator, they love to help with sponsorships, and if you just need a place to hangout and talk about aviation their door is always open. Not only do they have a flight school but they have a maintenance shop which is just a fun place to hangout and learn about plane innards. I have gotten all my ratings here from private pilot to commercial multi-engine instrument and now have a job working for a charter company. You know what they still can't get rid of me because I still come by just to hangout and talk about aviation. I love Above All they are my family and friends and they always have room for more! Topaz G. Commercial instrument multi-engine pilot

I recommend this place to everyone.

"We just took a scenic flight of the Santa Barbara area. It was definitely a memorable trip, worth every penny. Our pilot, Danny, was very knowledgeable of the area and showed us some great places. I recommend this place to everyone." - Nathan P. 

What makes Above All stand out amongst flight schools nationwide is its focus on creating skilled, thoughtful, and conscientious pilots — not just pilots who can pass a check ride.

"The quality of instruction, professionalism of staff, and the general fun atmosphere at Above All Aviation is one of the reasons I believe this is the best flight school around. The fleet is diverse and well-suited to a variety of different pilot needs. One of the best things about the school is the fact that unlike the other flight schools at SBA, Above All Aviation maintains its own planes with a facility right on the field. Anytime I found an airworthiness issue with one of the planes, I could just taxi it over to the maintenance hangar and they could fix it right up. The staff is friendly, professional, and holds students to very high expectations-- there is no allowance for sloppiness, and that makes for good pilots. I think what makes Above All stand out amongst flight schools nationwide is its focus on creating skilled, thoughtful, community-conscious, and conscientious pilots--not just pilots who can pass a check ride. I'm glad I chose Above All for my initial flight training, and now that I have a Private Pilot Certificate, I know that when I pursue advanced ratings, I will do so through Above All. I heartily recommend this flight school to everyone looking to earn their wings." - Alanna G. Private Pilot

Above All has the resources, the caring instructors, and the equipment to get you where you need to go!

Above All Aviation is like my second family.  Shawn is an incredible Flight Mamma, and treats every customer as if you were her own child.  From my discovery flight over 2 years ago to my Multi-Engine Commercial Instrument rating, Above All has the resources, the caring instructors, and the equipment to get you where you need to go!  They are a full service flight school with unparalleled professionalism mixed in with that family feel for an absolutely perfect atmosphere for learning.  100% committed to safety & the care of their aircraft, I wouldn't hesitate to send any family member in the air in their equipment and with their instructors.  Don't even bother looking at the competition, they are all playing little league.  If you want to learn from the good guys, just talk to Shawn, she'll get you set up!  From the rest of us, we all bid you a very warm welcome to our family! - Will B., Private Pilot, Instrument rating.

Above All’s fleet consistently dominates the skies of KSBA.

Above All has been great.  I didn't check out the other two schools, but I have no reason to.  If you count the students in the air, I'm not sure how the other schools are staying in business.  Above All's fleet consistently dominates the skies of KSBA. The instructors are all great.  I've flown with 4 different ones and enjoyed and learned a lot from them all.  The hardest part is picking one when you get close to a milestone for sign off. It feels like you are part of a club there.  The owner/operators are always around and everyone is always happy which makes it a great place to hang out and absorb information. -Jeffrey L., Student Pilot.

I wouldn’t be where I am today without all their help and support.

I could not imagine flying with any other flight school in the nation other than Above All. I have been through one other flight schools and can tell you for sure that this is one of the best flight schools out there! They welcome you like family and I have been flying with them for the day they started and I wouldn't be where I am today without all their help and support. - Marc E., Private Pilot

This is an excellent flight school owned and run by very caring people.

This an excellent flight school owned and run by very caring people.  Not only do they provide an excellent rental fleet and outstanding flight instruction, they are a very caring group that is always there to help others. For the past 2 years they have volunteered their planes and instructors to give kids free rides as part of the Experimental Aircraft Association's (EAA) Young Eagle Program.  They do this knowing that very few of these kids will ever be able to take flying lessons, but they still want every child to experience the thrill of flying a plane. - Carl H., Private Pilot

Best flight school around and the best staff!

Thank you Above All Aviation and all of the staff for a 5 star education, instruction, and professionalism! You guys rock! - Jessany, R., Student Pilot

Bill Peterson is a personable, knowledgeable, skilled and effective CFII.

I've been favorably impressed by everyone I've dealt with at A.A.:  Jason, Ken, Shawn, Bill P.  - Larry R., Private Pilot, Instrument-rated