Flight Training

Above All Aviation is proud to be the only flight school in Santa Barbara that has the instructors and aircraft to train you to be a private, commercial, instrument-rated, multi-engine, or even airline pilot. You can fly assured and safely with us - any plane you're training in or renting is covered by our insurance. We're one of the few who do that for our students and pilots. Earning your wings is an unparalleled accomplishment that grants you the opportunity to do and see what most only dream of. Learning to fly is an investment in you, and we want you to achieve your dream of flight safely and efficiently. 

Above All Aviation is a Part 61 flight school that works with your schedule: the frequency and length of your lessons is up to you. The training you will receive at Above All Aviation is flexible, comprehensive, and efficient. We have developed a highly successful training atmosphere where both instructors and staff are dedicated to your dream of becoming a pilot.

Our extensive fleet of airplanes allows students the opportunity to train for several certificates, ratings, and endorsements. Our in-house library is available to all of our students and includes the latest in study materials, flight training magazines, and flight planning resources in print and digital formats. Above All Aviation is committed to your success as a pilot from your very first lesson to your check ride!

Private Pilot Certificate

Ready to live your dream? The first step towards a lifelong passion for flight is earning your Private Pilot certificate. As a Private Pilot you will be able to fly wherever you’d like under blue skies. Training to be a Private Pilot is a combination of aeronautical knowledge and experience and consists of learning how to maneuver and control the airplane during takeoff and landing, fly long distances to other airports, fly at night, and communicate with Air Traffic Control (ATC). Lessons are generally two hours long and consist of both flight time and ground instruction. Our instructors will teach you everything you need to be a safe and confident pilot.

After earning your Private Pilot certificate Above All offers many options for further training:


Certified Flight Instructor Private Pilot                              $75/hour

Certified Flight Instructor Instrument Pilot                       $85/hour

Certified Flight Instructor Multi-engine                            $95/hour


Note: For training in customer owned aircraft not owned by Above All Aviation, there is an additional $20/hour added to these rates. 


Prices effective as of July 2019. For aircraft prices please visit the "Our Airplanes" page.