Private Pilot

Earning your Private Pilot certificate is an accomplishment like no other! As a Private Pilot you will be able to fly wherever you’d like under blue skies. Training to be a private pilot is a combination of aeronautical knowledge and experience and consists of learning how to maneuver and control the airplane during takeoff and landing, fly long distances to other airports, fly at night, and communicate with Air Traffic Control (ATC). Lessons are generally two hours long and consist of both flight time and ground instruction. Our instructors will teach you everything you need to be a safe and confident pilot.


Summary Requirements for Private Pilot License

  • At least 17 years of age
  • Third class medical certificate
  • FAA written private test (passing grade is 70)
  • FAA flight test
  • Flight training as listed below:

Flight Hour Requirements for Private Pilot License:
(All times are the bare minimums, expect more like 45-60 hours)

Total flight time minimum 40 hrs to include:

Flight training (dual) minimum 20 hrs including:

  1. Dual cross country in a single engine airplane at least 3 hrs
  2. Dual night time in a single engine airplane at least 3 hrs, including
    • One night dual cross country night flight over 100nm
    • 10 takeoffs and landings night dual to full stop
  3. Dual instrument time (hood or actual) in single engine airplane at least 3 hrs
  4. Dual in a single engine airplane in past 60 days at least 3 hrs

Solo flight minimum in single engine airplane 10 hrs including:

  1. Solo cross country time in single engine airplane 5 hrs, including one flight over 150nm total, 3 landing points, and at least one leg over 50nm
  2. Three Solo takeoffs and landings to a full stop at an airport with a control tower.

Estimated hours and costs:

  • Total hours on private pilot curriculum: approximately 45-60 hrs including about 30-35 hrs dual and 25 to 30 hrs solo.
  • Total cost on private pilot curriculum (includes airplane rental and dual instruction) - approximately $8,000 -$12,000