Pilot currency is critical to keeping our skies safe. Whether you are a private pilot who hasn't flown in 20 years or are a newly-minted instrument rated pilot, Above All can help you maintain proficiency.

Biennial Flight review (bfr)

Every certificated pilot must take a flight review every 24 calendar months in order to maintain pilot-in-command (PIC) privileges. Additionally, every pilot must perform 3 takeoffs and landings in the make/model aircraft within the last 90 days to carry a passenger. Our Biennial Flight Review process is conducted according to the FAA minimum requirements which requires at least 1 hour of flight training and 1 hour of ground training. However, with safety in mind, the flight review may require additional training to ensure proficiency and confidence.

instrument proficiency check (ipc)

Our approach to the IPC is focused on being a safe and proficient instrument pilot, not just getting current. Most of your IPC can be completed in our Redbird FMX full-motion AATD simulator. The simulator offers realistic training and the ability to repeat approaches and maneuvers quickly while saving money.